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Avodah Zarah 55

AVODAH ZARAH 55 (5 Iyar 5763) - Dedicated by Marsha and Lee Weinblatt of Teaneck, New Jersey. May they see much Nachas from all of their children and grandchildren, and may we soon merit to see the return of Hashem to Zion!

1) [line 1] "ASOF ASEF KOL ME'AL PENEI HA'ADAMAH, NE'UM HASH-M. ASEF ADAM U'VEHEMAH, ASEF OF HA'SHAMAYIM U'DGEI HA'YAM, VEHA'MACHSHELOS ES HA'RESHA'IM; V'HICHRATI ES HA'ADAM ME'AL PENEI HA'ADAMAH, NE'UM HASH-M." - "I will utterly consume all things from off the face of the earth, says HaSh-m. I will consume man and beast, I will consume the birds of the sky and the fishes of the sea, and the stumbling blocks of the wicked; and I will cut off man from off the face of the earth, says HaSh-m." (Tzefanyah 1:2-3) - The Gemara interprets these verses as a rhetorical question, "Should I utterly consume...?"

2) [line 6] AGRIPAS SAR TZAVA - Agrippas, the [Nochri] commander- in-chief of the army [of King Agrippas, one of the Herodian kings]

3) [line 12] ZUNIN - a Jew, probably the father of the person mentioned in the Mishnah (Avodah Zarah 65b), Baitus ben Zunin (YA'AVETZ, commenting on the explanation of RASHI)

4) [line 14] MESHASHA - substance

5a) [line 14] KI MISBEREI - when they are broken (i.e. their limbs are broken or dysfunctional)
b) [line 15] KI METZAMDEI - when they are mended
6) [line 20] NICHPERENU - let us deny it
7) [line 22] YISURIN - afflictions
8) [line 22] MESHAGRIN - He sends them
9) [line 25] SAM PELONI - that certain medicine (the DIKDUKEI SOFRIM #5 omits the phrase, "v'Al Yedei Ploni, v'Al Yedei Sam Ploni," from the Gemara, based on old manuscripts)

10) [line 28] "VE'HIFLA HASH-M ES MAKOSECHA, V'ES MAKOS ZAR'ECHA; MAKOS GEDOLOS V'NE'EMANOS, VA'CHALA'IM RA'IM V'NE'EMANIM." - "Then HaSh-m will make your blows unimaginable, and the blows of your offspring; blows so great and unfailing, and illnesses so evil and unfailing." (Devarim 28:59)

11) [line 32] HASHTA ILU SHECHIVNA LO AMRI LECHU HA MILSA - now if I would have died [before you asked this question,] I would not have been able to tell you this important teaching

12) [line 33] "ASHER CHALAK HASH-M ELOKECHA OSAM L'CHOL HA'AMIM" - "[Lest you lift up your eyes towards the heavens and you see the sun, and the moon, and the stars, all of the heavenly legion, and you go wayward and bow to them and worship them,] which HaSh-m, your G-d, has apportioned to all of the nations [under all of the heavens.]" (Devarim 4:19)

13a) [line 33] HECHELIKAN BI'DEVARIM - He caused them to [have the opportunity to] slip (err) with words
b) [line 34] KEDEI L'TORDAN MIN HA'OLAM - in order to push them out of the world (i.e. Olam ha'Ba, the World to Come)

14) [line 35] "IM LA'LETZIM HU YALITZ, VELA'ANAVIM YITEN CHEN" - "[HaSh-m] scoffs at the scoffers, and gives grace to the humble." (Mishlei 3:34) - Since HaSh-m scoffs at the Leitzim, he holds back Divine assistance and does not prevent their spiritual downfall

15a) [line 35] BA LITAMEI POSCHIN LO - one who wants (lit. comes) to become Tamei, they open for him [the opportunity to do so]
b) [line 35] BA LITAHER MESAI'IN OSO - one who wants (lit. comes) to become Tahor, they help him

16) [line 36] GAS BE'UTAH - a used winepress (lit. kicked, pressed) [that contains pressed grapes]

17) [line 37] HU NOTEL B'YADO - he (the Nochri) takes the grapes from the basin (O.F. meit) of the winepress

18) [line 37] TAPU'ACH - (O.F. sac) the rounded mound of grapes beneath the pressing beam

19) [line 37] YAYIN NESECH
See Background to Avodah Zarah 49:16.

20) [line 37] AD SHE'YERED LA'BOR - until it descends into the collection pit
21) [last line] DORCHIN - crush grapes by stepping on them


22) [line 1] BOTZRIN - pick grapes
23) [line 1] SHE'HU OSEH B'TUM'AH - who works while in a state of Tum'ah
24) [line 3] CHAVIYOS - barrels
25) [line 4] NACHTOM - a baker
26a) [line 5] LASHIN - knead dough
b) [line 5] ORCHIN - shape dough
27) [line 6] PALTAR - a wholesale bread dealer
28) [line 6] KEIVAN SHE'HISCHIL L'HIMASHECH - once it (the juice from the grapes) has begun to flow [down the incline from the winepress towards the pit]

29) [line 9] GAS PEKUKAH - a plugged winepress (that is, the channel that leads from the winepress to the pit (dug into the ground that is next to the winepress) is plugged up (RASHI)

30a) [line 13] MISHNAH RISHONAH - the ruling of the original Mishnah (which stated that it is permitted to crush grapes (Dorchin) with a Nochri, unlike Rav Huna's ruling)
b) [line 14] MISHNAH ACHARONAH - the ruling of the later Mishnah [when the Chachamim modified their original ruling regarding whether one may crush (Dorchin) grapes with a Nochri and said that it is prohibited, like Rav Huna's ruling, as well as whether one may pick (Botzrin) grapes with a Nochri]

31) [line 15] BD"D - this is a mnemonic for the three laws that the Beraisa enumerates: 1. "Ein *B*otzrin...," 2. "Ein *D*orchin...," and 3. "Aval *D*orchin..."

32) [line 16] ASUR LIGROM TUM'AH L'CHULIN SHEB'ERETZ YISRAEL - it is forbidden to cause unsanctified food items in Eretz Yisrael to become Tamei

33) [line 18] ASUR L'SAYEI'A YEDEI OVREI AVEIRAH - it is forbidden to assist the efforts of transgressors

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