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prepared by Rabbi Eliezer Chrysler
Kollel Iyun Hadaf, Jerusalem

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Chulin 61

CHULIN 61-63 - sponsored by Dr. Lindsay A. Rosenwald of Lawrence NY, in honor of his father, David ben Aharon ha'Levy Rosenwald of blessed memory.


(a) We learned in our Mishnah that Simanim of birds are not mentioned in the Torah.
What problem do we have with this? Which two birds does the Beraisa cite as a source for all four Simanim?

(b) How does Abaye resolve this problem?

(c) How many birds are there that possess no Simnei Taharah at all?

(d) Then what does the Tana come to include when he says 'Af Kol ke'Yotzei Bo Tamei'?

(a) How do the Reisha and the Seifa of the Beraisa appear to clash?

(b) How many key species of Tamei birds does the Torah list?

(c) Seeing as we learn from the eagle that a bird with even one Siman Tum'ah is Kasher, how do we account for the remaining twenty-three species of Tamei birds listed in the Torah? Why are they not automatically Kasher?

(a) Rebbi Chiya learns from a Nesher that any bird that has even one Siman Taharah is Kasher, 'Kal va'Chomer' two or three.
On what condition will it be Kasher?

(b) On what grounds do we query Rebbi Chiya? What source do we have to say the opposite?

(c) How do we refute this suggestion outright?

(a) How many Simanim do the vast majority of Tamei birds possess?

(b) So why do we not learn from them that any bird with only three Simnei Tum'ah is Tamei?

(c) Then why not learn from ...

  1. ... a raven, that any bird with only two Simanim is not Kasher?
  2. ... a Peres (an ossifrage) or an Ozniyah (an osprey), that even a bird with one Si'man Taharah is not Kasher?
(d) What does this force us to conclude?
Answers to questions



(a) What is the problem with attempting to learn from Peres and Ozniyah that all birds with only one Siman Taharah are Tamei?

(b) What do we answer?

(c) What do we still ask, based on 'Sh'nei Kesuvim ha'Ba'im ke'Echad'? Why might we still not need Nesher?

(d) What do we answer? Why do we need Nesher after all?

(a) Seeing as we learn from Nesher that even birds with one Siman Taharah are Kasher, why does the Torah need to write Torin and B'nei Yonah?

(b) Then why does the Tana of the Beraisa (on Amud Alef) mention Torin?

(c) On what grounds do we refute the suggestion that Rav Ukva ('le'Korban') is coming to explain why the Tana inserts Torin?

(d) From where do we indeed know that chickens cannot be brought on the Mizbe'ach?

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