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Chulin 110


(a) What was Rebbi Elazar referring to when, upon arrival in Eretz Yisrael, he asked for the name of the 'Tana' who had taught Rav the Din of K'chal?
What had Rav said about K'chal?

(b) What did Rav Yitzchak bar Avudimi reply to Rebbi Elazar's question, when the latter was referred to him?

(c) What did Rav overhear one woman ask to another in the town of Tatelpush, in connection with a litra of meat?

(a) That was Rav Kahana's version of the story. According to Rebbi Yossi bar Aba, Rav Yitzchak bar Avudimi did in fact teach Rav the Din of K'chal.
Which Din did he teach him?

(b) What happened subsequently, causing Rav to err, when Rav Yitzchak bar Avudimi taught the Din to Rebbi Chiya and his Talmidim?

(a) What happened once, when Rav Yitachak bar Yosef and Ravin arrived were staying with Rav Papi, and his wife served them a dish of K'chal?

(b) What did Abaye ask Ravin by way of rebuke? What did this have to do with Rebbi Yitzchak Nafcha?

(c) Why did he refer to him as 'Ravin Tichla'?

(a) In Sura, they did not eat K'chal at all.
What was the Minhag in Pumbedisa?

(b) This was very much to Rami bar Tamri's advantage, as we shall now see.
Where was Rami bar Tamri from? What did he have to do with Rami bar Dikuli?

(a) What did Rami bar Tamri do when he once arrived in Sura on Erev Yom Kipur, after the residents had all thrown out their K'chalim?

(b) What did he reply, when they brought before Rav Chisda, who asked him ...

  1. ... why he did that?
  2. ... why he disregarded the Mishnah in Pesachim 'Nosnin Alav Chumrei Makom ... she'Halach le'Sham'?
  3. ...why he was not concerned that the grape pits that he used as fuel might be from Yayin Nesech?
  4. ... why he was not concerned that they may be Asur because of Gezel?
(c) And what did he answer when Rav Yehudah asked him why he was not wearing ...
  1. ... Tefilin?
  2. ... Tzitzis, as the garment he was wearing had four corners?
(d) Whom did he quote with regard to the last two She'eilos?
Answers to questions



(a) What did Rav Chisda do with the man whom they brought before him (in the presence of Rami bar Tamri) for refusing to honor his parents?

(b) Since when is a Mitzvas Asei subject to Malkos?

(c) What objection did Rami bar Tamri raise to Rav Chisda's intended sentence?

(d) What did Rami bar Tamri reply, when Rav Chisda remarked at his sharpness?

(a) Abaye asked Rav Safra to inquire about the Din of cooked liver, when he went to Eretz Yisrael.
What can be the problem with cooked liver, seeing as it consists entirely of blood anyway?

(b) What did Rebbi Zerika subsequently tell Rav Safra? What did he used to do for Rebbi Ami?

(c) When, upon his return to Bavel, Rav Safra reported his findings to Abaye, the latter replied that this was not what he wanted to now, as he knew it already.
How was that?

(a) What did Abaye then want to know?

(b) Rav Safra cited the Mishnah in Terumos 'ha'Kaveid Oseres ve'Einah Ne'eseres'. Why does this Mishnah pose a Kashya on Abaye?

(c) What did Abaye answer? How did he establish the Mishnah in Terumos?

(d) What makes Abaye think that the blood might not render the piece of meat Tereifah?

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