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Chulin 142


(a) When Levi bar Sisun gave the fruit of his dovecote to Rav Yehudah, what did Shmuel instruct the latter to do?

(b) What was the problem with that, assuming that this took place ...

  1. ... on a weekday?
  2. ... on Yom-Tov (when one is forbidden to make a Kinyan)?
(a) What do we answer? What made the Kinyan problematic even from Levi's point of view?

(b) So what exactly did Shmuel rule?

(a) Our Mishnah forbids taking the mother bird even to purify a Metzora (as we learned above).
What 'Kal va'Chomer' does the Tana Darshen based on the Pasuk in Ki Seitzei "Lema'an Yitav Lach ve'Ha'arachta Yamim"?

(b) What does Rebbi Ya'akov say in a Beraisa about all Mitzvos to which the Torah ascribes a reward?

(c) Which Mitzvos is he referring to, and which reward?

(d) So how does he interpret the Pasuk "Lema'an Yitav Lach Ve'ha'arachta Yamim?

(a) What caused Rebbi Ya'akov to say this? How did he know that such a thing ever happened?

(b) Perhaps the person that he saw was thinking to perform a sin at the time that he died?

(c) And how did Rebbi Ya'akov know that he was not thinking about Avodah-Zarah, which is in itself, a sin, as Rav Acha bar Ya'akov taught?

(a) What did Rebbi Elazar say about Sheluchei Mitzvah?

(b) This creates a problem with the episode that Rebbi Ya'akov witnessed.
Why can we not answer that the accident occurred when the son had finished the Mitzvah and was on his way home with the eggs (which is in fact, what happened)?

(c) How do we answer this Kashya?

(d) From which incident with regard to Shmuel do we learn this?

(a) What do we mean when we say that if only Acher had Darshened the Pesukim like his daugher's son, he would not have gone off the path? Who was Acher's daughter's son?

(b) Some say that he too, witnessed a similar incident to that of Rebbi Ya'akov.
What do others say?

(c) What did he say when he saw that?

(d) What did he not realize?

***** Hadran Alach 'Shilu'ach ha'Kein' u'Selika Lah Maseches Chulin *****

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